Monday, June 20, 2011

Wip Wednesday #3

New This Week:

I actually started my Mystery project.  Not much to take pictures of there, so maybe if I finishe it this week there will be pictures to come.
I'm a messy coffee drinker while at the computer.  Lots of coffee stains on the computer dest.  Problem solved:  Mug Rug.  If you don't know what a "mug rug" is, from what I've gathered from other crafty ladies, it's just a giant coaster.  So I made one for myself.
The underneath part

the top, and my coffee!


Still Working On:

Everything else! 
Actually the only thing I worked on that wasn't new was the crazy quilt... just sittin' and quiltin'.  It's a slow process.

Finished This Week:

All I finished was the "mug rug."  But I am diligently (sp?) working on the other stuff too!

Finished: 1
Last Weeks Total: 6
New this Week: 2
This Weeks total: 7

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