Wednesday, February 24, 2010

From Blanket to Box

So, for Christmas Scott and I both got magazine subscriptions, meaning we'd have a lot of magazines lying around the house. If I didn't find a good spot for them I knew I'd just end up throwing them away and I don't really like that idea. So I went searching for a magazine rack or basket or something and found nothing (at Target because that's the only place I go).
I also have the problem of having too many blankets lying around the house. This one has two matching throw pillows (that I use in the living room) and I really like it, but the batting got all bunchy and clumpy in the washer/dryer, so it was kinda ruined....Two problems = one solution: FABRIC BOX!
I didn't measure my pieces very well, so it's not perfect; maybe a little more floppy than it should be, but I like it. ...and perfect for Magazines!
I totally want to make more. Now, what else can I find around my house to put into a fabric box???

Monday, February 22, 2010

For those of you who care...

Facebook took over my life for a while, and I wasn't sure if bloging here was worth it, but I've decided it is...who knows how long this will last or how often I will blog, but for now the two people that read this can be happy.
So, what's going on...
I'm home sick with two sick kids; totally not fun. Last night Allyson had a temp of 102.2, but she's totally fine now and will probably go to school tomorrow. All I really want is a nap, but that's not going to happen.
After refinancing our house we only have one little credit card to pay off and then we will be debt free (except for student loans and the house). With the money we get back from taxes we will pay off that card, so that's nice. Although I have a feeling we will just build it right back up pretty soon because I need new contacts and I need to get some dental work that the denstist said might be about $1000 or more, so that's a bummer. Whatever.
I've been totally obsessed with the Olympics and learned that I don't care at all about hockey. I could also do without the bobsled. I am about a day behind (I'm recording it all) but I just delete all hockey games and fast forward through some of the stuff where I just care about the scores. I totally don't get the biathalon...what's the point of sking and then shooting a gun? It's dumb.
Here's a few recent pictures of the girls just for fun:
Allyson, playing dress up

Molly, playing in the utinsil drawer.