Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Changin'

I feel the need to have a post here that isn't titled WIP, so here it is!  I'm pretty sure no sewing projects will creep they're way into this post. 
Last Thursday Scott and I started talking about redoing the kitchen sometime soon.  Before we do that we would need to refinish the living room floor.  Before doing that we wanted to rip up the carpet in the bedroom so that we could redo the wood in that room at the same time.  So we talked a bit about it then ripped up the carpet in the bedroom.

So it turns out that the wood was crap.  We now have three different colors of fake wood floors in our house (shh, don't tell any one).  After taking all the furniture out we decided to rearrange the bedroom.  Some day when we grow up we will get real bedroom furniture... maybe even a headboard!

Sometime during all this redoing I went to the Zoo with Janae, the kids, and Evi.  Scott did the floors and I did the Zoo!

So, after changing up one room we had to do more: 

The red velvet couch went into the toy room.  The desk lost it's legs and became a coffee table.  The glider ended up in our room.  All of this will continue to change.... forever and ever.

After all this, the kitchen got a new table cloth, thanks to my mom, and the two red retro chairs... I'm eventually going for a retro-esque theme in the kitchen to show off my mismatched Fiestaware collection that will continue to grow.   ...Maybe not retro; just lots of white so the bright colors POP! POP!

Because of all this I've realized I need new curtains (or other window coverings) in just about every room in the house... perhaps that's a sewing project for the future!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday # 6

I'm too tired to explain too much so we'll have mostly pictures here:


An Owl!  Miracle upon miracles... now I just need Janae's pictures of him so I can put him on Etsy... not that he'll sell but that's okay.

Still in Progress:

Everything else... I think I touched everything I'm working on at least once this week.

Two of these guys are going to be book ends and the other is 1/2 of a pair that will probably be book ends as well...

Proof that I really have been working on the Zelda quilt.


Another part of Allyson's school wardrobe.  This is going to be a peasant shirt for her.

Last week's total: 5
Finished: 1
New this week: 1
This week's total: 5

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wip Wednesday #5

It seems all I'm doing is these WIP blogs... but at least it's something for you to read for a minute or two at work.  I totally can't wait till Fall so I've decided to make Allyson's back to school clothes... I also have an idea to make a Halloween dress, but that's for some other day (before October).
Moving on...
The annoying cross stitched veggies!! Finaly!  Now I don't know what to do with them.  I don't want them.  If you want them, let me know and they are yours for FREE!

I also started and finished this needle book.  I have lost all but two of my needles so I needed one badly.  I totally forgot to put a closure on it so that was kind of an afterthought and not so pretty... but it works!

These pants are the first of Allyson's Back-to-School wardrobe.  I got some really cheap ribbed knits at work (Joann) so her color scheme is going to be "Berries and Cream."  I have planned two pairs of leggings, shorts, pants, two shirts, and a dress.

Still going:

Lost in Space:

the pants from above
the needle book from above
One of Allyson's School shirts (mentioned above)

Last Week's total: 6
Finished:               3
New:                    3
This Week's total: 5 (I think there are two owls... I'll get on those soon so I can get them off this list)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wip #4


Mystery project... a handmade chenille blanket.  I think it turned out super cute; maybe not super chenille-y looking, but I think that will improve with more washing and drying.  It's a gift for somebody, but I'm not saying who... it's a surprise! 

Molly was in need of pajamas so I made her a night gown.  It looks more like a moomoo, but it's comfy and cute.  She likes it, despite her look of sadness in the picture

Still Going:

I've actually been working on the cross stitched Artichoke.  I'm not sure why, though.  I'm not going to do anything with it when I'm done.  I think I just feel the need to finish it since I started it.  If anybody wants these cross stitched veggies, let me know and they are yours... for FREE!

The Zelda Pool Table Cover is still going... I think I'm close to putting the top together... then comes the quilting. sigh

Needs Attention:

Scrappy quilt


I think the only thing new this week was Molly's Jammies.  And they were also finished, so Yay!


Finished: 2
Last Weeks Total: 7
New: 1
This Weeks Total: 6