Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My New To Do List

...An Itemized Explanation

1. I used to cross stitch a lot and I started some vegetable that were kinda cute (if you think anything cross stitch is cute). I never finished two of them so I'm gonna do that and give them to someone who appreciates that sort of thing.

2. This is the stuffed owl I started for Allyson when she begged me to make her one... she picked out the material. 

3. These are going to be bookends.  They are made from a sweater formerly owned by my friend Emily.  I just need to put something heavy in their butts to make them functional bookends.  Two shirts, a pillowcase, and a maternity skirt that will become clothes for my children. The white shirt has a really pretty pattern on it so that's why I'm keeping it.  The blue one is just kinda nice (not sure how that one's going to work).  The pillowcase has really pretty embroidery on it (I think it's from one of our grandmothers).  The black skirt has pretty lace on the bottom so that's why I'm using it.

8.  This is a fabric sample that matches Janae's bedding.  She will eventually get a pillow out of it.

9. 10. 11.  These are more owl shapes from sweaters destined to be stuffed and /or bookends and sold on etsy.

12.  Here are a few blocks made from random scraps... I have more blocks and a billion more scraps that will eventually form themselves into a kick ass quilt.

13.  This is Link from the Zelda video game.  I made him a long time ago for Scott thinking he would be a wall hanging or pillow for the basement.  Scott asked me to make a cover for the pool table.  It got folded up and put away for three years... his time will come.

14.  Christmas fabric (I think from my aunt's deceased mother-in-law)  that will become ornaments to be given as Christmas gifts to teachers and whatnot.

15. 16. 17.  Three purse handles (again from the deceased mother-in-law).  I have them so I might as well use them, right?  Beneath them is a maternity skirt that I really like so it might make it's way into becoming a purse.  Not sure if these will be for me or to be sold on etsy.

18.  Quilt I'm making from Nola's baby clothes.  I'm really close to finishing!  See Janae's blog to learn more.  It's going to be awsome.

I have a system of working on these in order of importance and ease of finishing (it probably only makes sense in my head) so hopefully the list will shrink quickly... till I add more to it.