Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So here are some pictures of some of the things from my list over there that I've actually finished:

A Purse!  It is actually functional, except I used velcro as a closure which fell off after a few days.  So it stays open but nothing comes out because the opening is kinda too small.

Here's the pillowcase that is now a dress for Molly.  It will be her Easter dress.  The sleeves are made from the ruffle on an old sheet.  It looks super cute on her.

Allyson's owl.  She likes it.  I don't. Whoooo cares.... get it?  An owl says whooo!

I had to spend some of my time away from my list making 19 Monkey ears and tails for Allyson's school circus.  Her class is going to be dancing monkeys.  Hope they fit all the little monkeys!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Here She is Again.

I know I posted this on Youtube and on Facebook, but here she is again:  Molly the performer: