Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WiP Wednesday #1

I'm stealing this from another blog I follow.  It means Works in progress and I'm hoping it will keep me focused on what I'm working on and not randomly starting things that won't get finished.  Also, here's hopoing I'll post this every Wednesday (it might turn into a monthly instead of weekly thing).  So anyway here goes:

I told Scott I was going to call this quilt Whakadoo... I don't know if that name will stick!  It's a bunch of scraps sewn together then cut up then sewn back together a billion times.  I had multiple plans for these scraps before I put them together in this quilt (which is almost put together).  The white parts are a full size sheet that I used part of for something else then used the rest for this.  I don't know how big this will be, maybe lap-size or maybe bigger if I decide to put a border or two around it.  We'll see

This is Scott's Zelda quilt/pool table cover.  We have finished heart containers, Link, and Zelda.  I still need to do the Triforce (don't ask, it's video game BS) which I've done twice now, but with crappy fabric so it looked crappy.  Hopefully that will get done soon and I can put this mess together.

Here is a cross stitched Artichoke I started maybe 8 years ago.  I feel the need to finish it but I don't know what to do with it when it's done.  If you want it, along with a cross stitched eggplant, let me know.

Sweater Owls!  There are 3 of them... These are on the list because I cut them out a while ago so I also feel the need to finish them.  I'm sure it will happen soon. 

so to recap:
last weeks total: n/a
finished this week: 0
New this week: 0
This week's total: 6

... see you next week!


Anonymous said...

The book that you got the artichoke pattern out of. Do you happen to remember the name and the author? I had a copy of that and had started the peppers pattern and lost the entire thing while moving, haven't been able to locate it.

hellocayce said...

Yep, I have the book still... it's Crate Labels & Seed Packets, 16 designs by Barbara Baatz. Published by American School of Needlework. There's a website on the book:

Anonymous said...

=O THANK YOU! =D You have no idea how big a help you've been, seriously. I was so happy when my mom gave the book to me. I was intending to frame the pieces that I made out of it for my kitchenette.