Saturday, January 15, 2011

Too Busy to Blog Because...


Here are a few I've done recently:

This one I originally did for a friend who's having a baby boy but decided to gift it to Scott's co-worker who wasn't finding out if she was having a boy or girl.

This one I will be giving to my friend having the boy.  The picture was in it's early stages and it ended up with more of a random pattern.  It's way cuter in person.

This picture was also in the early stages of the quilt (aka not sewn together).  I made this blaket for my niece Sarah for Christmas.  

I took this picture of Allyson yesterday, but that quilt behind her and her peanut butter is the first quilt I ever made.  It was way too complicated for a beginer and now I think it's kinda ugly but I made it over 10 years ago and it still exists!  Maybe that means I make quality stuff.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Sometimes you just get sleepy and fall asleep face first into the couch.