Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blasted Keyboard

I haven't bloged in awhl becase my keyboard is mesed up.   I hve decided not to correct the mistaes it makes ecause t's oo annoying  I'm ure i' annoying  t readas well.  Our keyd s cordles an dwoks n magic, so  feel that its no tsomethig I ca n fix wthout uing the dark arts.   If onlythe Haliwell ssisers actualy existed!  i thinkthe est solution is to by a keyoard that plugs nto the commputer; but I don't think Scot likes hngs with cords... alas, what am I to do???

(sorry for all the speling mistkes in this blog)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Es Tiempo!

I don't speak Spanish.  At bedtime, though, when I tell Molly and Allyson, "Es tiempo!"  they get all upset because they know it's bedtime.
Allyson also knows that when I say "donde esta _____," she needs to help me find something.
I'm pretty sure I'm teaching my children poor grammar in a different language.  Oh well; es bueno!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Instead of Cleaning...

... I made clothes!  Not only did I make a dress and a skirt, I did it without a pattern and they actually turned out cute!  See for yourselves:

Totally cute school-girly clothes!

The skirt is for Allyson

... and the dress is for Molly.

They are made out of some sort of (synthetic, I think) wool.  I don't really know because the fabric was hand-me-down, but I think it is synthetic because I'm pretty sure it melted a little when I ironed it.  Either way, it's pretty scratchy, so turtle necks and leggings will have to be worn.
I see really cute photo sessions in our future!

...maybe I'll clean the house tomorrow.