Thursday, March 26, 2009


The photo theme for this month was Green. I took a picture of a green glass medalion in my bathroom and messed with it on photoshop. The first picture is the original with no tampering. The rest are just from me messing with stuff on photoshop till I liked what I saw.

The original

I believe I messed with the "Curves" on this one

I think I just messed with the "Levels" on this one

I think this might have been changing the colors and saturation??

I don't know what I did here

With this one I overlayed a photo of a rock or something (not my photo) over a copy where I changed the levels.

I like the one where I messed with the curves (whatever that means). It looks irridescent.

Pictures from the zoo

I liked these pics...I will be working on my theme pics tomorrow...Do I have April or is it Lucy?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

10 Things I'll never say...

I was inspired by a list in a parenting magazine. I thought I'd write my own...

1. Oh! You went poop? Can I please wipe your butt?
2. Let's give her Mountain Dew instead of milk before bedtime to see how long it keeps her up.
3. I want to play "cooking" all day; it's SO fun
4. Oh, you don't want to go to bed now? Cool, lets just hang out instead.
5. I Love having macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets everyday for lunch, LOVE IT
6. I hate it when I have to leave my house without the kids.
7. Could you please scream in the baby's face, I think she's been sleeping too long.
8. Three-year-olds are really good conversationalists
9. I could listen to "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" all year long and never get tired of it
10. Hey! Let's watch the Wiggles!