Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wip Wednesday #2

Two weeks in a row!  Look at me with the follow through... anyway...
Technically I didn't really add or take away from last weeks list, but I sorta-kinda did.

New this week (but also finished this week):

Scott got me a Kindle for my birthday so I needed a cover.  I made this one really quick without really measuring or using any kind of pattern.  It's kinda cute, but it's more like a rough draft.  I will have to make a better one some time soon.

Almost a work in progress:

I saw a project on someone elses blog and I'm going to start it soon using these fabrics... I'm not saying what it is... Mystery!!

Still Working on:

I've made progress on the Zelda quilt, but it's not very exciting. I'll take a picture when the top is put together.

The scrappy quilt (aka Whackadoo... I need a better name for this) is coming along.  I made the back with random squares of scrapps and black strips.  This is the first quilt back I've made that isn't just solid; I kinda like it.  So, it's put together and I've started quilting it.  Now we wait the year or to it takes me to do this and we have a finished quilt!  Hopefully it won't really take that long... I don't plan on doing anything too fancy.


The sweater owls and cross stitched veggies will have to wait for another week...

Finished: 1
Last weeks total: 6
New this week: 1 (technically I didn't start the mystery project, so that doesn't count)
This weeks total: 6

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Emily said...

Ooh! I really like the Kindle cover. I may try to commission one for Mike in slightly more manly colors.