Thursday, November 17, 2011

Me Oh My Miss Molly

Molly is barely three years old and has been to more doctors than Scott has been to in his whole life (disregard the fact that his crazy family never goes to the doctor). 
To vent my frustration I shall make a list (an excel spreadsheet would do nicely here, but it's a bit unnecessary)

It all started before she was even born...
1.  At my ultrasoud to find out her gender the stupid tech thought she saw a hole in Molly's heart so I had to get an EKG on my belly.  They saw nothing but I still had to bring her back when she was 2 weeks old.  NOT easy to do an EKG on a newborn.

2. I'm going to count her Pediatrition here because shots suck!

3.  When she was 17 months old we discovered the DIABETES!  So we were in the hospital for a week.  Hospitals are not condusive for naps so we lost those.  I miss nap time. 

4.  Now we have an Endocrinologist that we get to go to every 3-4 months

5.  She also has to get her blood drawn once or twice a year... doesn't sound so bad but when you're a three-year-old used to teensy weensy needles the ones they take your blood with are GIANT and SCARY!

6.  The Beetus also messes with your eyes, so Mollys been to the eye doctor twice (remember, she just turned 3)

7.  She's also been to the dentist... that's just good hygene

8.  At her 2 yr and 3 yr checkups she failed the hearing test so we got to go to an Audiologist.  She failed that test too!  Hearing loss, they said, that can be corrected with medication or surgery.

9.  Because of the damn audiology test we went to an ENT who is making her come back in a month to see if the fluid behind her ear drums clears itself out.  If not,  who knows!  Maybe surgery (by this I mean tubes in her ears, which I had done when I was 4 also).

Molly is scared of needles, hospitals and (for some reason) male doctors.... she's only had one male doctor and we just met him today.  Most of her appointments have been in the hospital, so I think she's lying about the hospital thing (or she just doesn't want to spend the night there),  And the needle thing is just silly.  After getting at least 4 shots a day I think she is just a drama queen.   ... As if she's not getting enough attention!

Allyson will get her turn when it's time for braces... her only problem is thumb sucking.  (and I would bet my life that they will both be wearing glasses by middle school)
Both my girls are awesome and I love them... but I'm starting to hate their doctors!  

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Promises Promises

I'm gonna blog more, soon.  I promise!

and here's a picture of Molly sleep-reading.

I'll be back soon!

Monday, August 29, 2011


I made a super cute purse for myself

I made a felt owl mobile for a friend

Allyson turned 6

... and I started decorating for Fall

Thursday, August 18, 2011

First day of School... a few Days ago

Maybe I'll remember next year when school is approaching to check the battery in my camera.  I didn't do that this year.  The three pictures I got weren't that great, but at least the moment was documented:

Yep, I made that dress. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Allyson starts Kindergarten tomorrow!  Holy crap!  She's super excited, but I know once we walk in the doors she's going to clam up.  At the Open House yesterday the librarian tried talking to her and she stared at her like she was the devil. 
She said what she's looking forward to the most is Lunch.

I couldn't sleep last night thinking about taking her to school.  I think it's going to suck tomorrow for about an hour then life is going to be sweet.  But untill then I'll stress and worry.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

W I P Wedensday #7

(and sold)
   A set of owls!  I think they barely pass as owls.  They were supposed to be bookends, but they aren't that heavy and one likes to lie down more than stand up. 

Started and Finished::
Here's skirt and leggings (not meant to go together) for Allyson

I cut up a t-shirt and made some jammie pants for Molly.  They are a little bit low-rise, but that's fine for jammies (I guess).

This is a cute little jumper for Molly.  It's corduroy and lined and has a zipper and pleats and everything!  I'm super impressed with myself on this one.

I was forced to make a bag for my quilt in progress.  Scott was sick of it just being thrown on the couch.  So now it's in a cute bag!

What!? That's so many things!  ...Oh, yeah, I skipped a week.

Still Going or Projects in Pergatory (or maybe Limbo):
Zelda Quilt
Scrppy Squares Quilt
One last set of owls

I haven't put these away, but they just aren't on the top of the list for now.  I'm doing a lot of clothes sewing for the girls so we can be ready for school days.  I'm wondering how homemade clothes will go over in Kindergarten...  maybe nobody will know!


This dress is SO close to being finished... it's just really hard to get Allyson to try things on for fit.  This might be the first day of Kindergarten dress.

This will be that shirt for Allyson.  Those are the last scraps of that material.  Not too bad:  I got two shirts and a skirt out of it and the two fabrics cost me a total of $4!

Last week's total: 5
Finished this week: 6
New this week: 7
This week's total: 6

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Changin'

I feel the need to have a post here that isn't titled WIP, so here it is!  I'm pretty sure no sewing projects will creep they're way into this post. 
Last Thursday Scott and I started talking about redoing the kitchen sometime soon.  Before we do that we would need to refinish the living room floor.  Before doing that we wanted to rip up the carpet in the bedroom so that we could redo the wood in that room at the same time.  So we talked a bit about it then ripped up the carpet in the bedroom.

So it turns out that the wood was crap.  We now have three different colors of fake wood floors in our house (shh, don't tell any one).  After taking all the furniture out we decided to rearrange the bedroom.  Some day when we grow up we will get real bedroom furniture... maybe even a headboard!

Sometime during all this redoing I went to the Zoo with Janae, the kids, and Evi.  Scott did the floors and I did the Zoo!

So, after changing up one room we had to do more: 

The red velvet couch went into the toy room.  The desk lost it's legs and became a coffee table.  The glider ended up in our room.  All of this will continue to change.... forever and ever.

After all this, the kitchen got a new table cloth, thanks to my mom, and the two red retro chairs... I'm eventually going for a retro-esque theme in the kitchen to show off my mismatched Fiestaware collection that will continue to grow.   ...Maybe not retro; just lots of white so the bright colors POP! POP!

Because of all this I've realized I need new curtains (or other window coverings) in just about every room in the house... perhaps that's a sewing project for the future!