Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Projects!!

So, I think it was last year, shortly before Christmas that I started making a quilt so that we could have a festive blanket in the living room around Christmas. I made the quilt top, no problem. But then I had to actually quilt it and I got bored with it and abandoned the project. Well, about a year later I have finally finished it and here it is!
As you may recall from an earlier post, I had extra fabric so I mad a wreath:
I had some squares that I made while making the quilt that I didn't use for the quilt so I decided to make this ornament yesterday. I even stuffed it with unusable fabric scraps (How green am I?!). Look Out, Christmas!


lucylucia said...

I love your projects - and I am also a jealous!!!

Mama Nae said...

You stole my ornament idea (kindof)! You big stealer!