Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Cards

I know it's only December 8th, but I'm a little irritated that we've only gotten one Christmas card so far. All of mine have been sent (except for those people that I don't have addresses for). I look forward to getting the mail everyday, because there's not much else going on around here, but especially since December 1st because I have started expecting Christmas cards and so far I've been totally disappointed. Another reason I look forward to getting them is because I have a spreadsheet of who I sent them to and who I've recieved them from. I like checking names off my list. If some one sends me a card and I didn't send them one for some reason, i will then add their name to the list and send out a card. It's a very simple system but I'm bummed that i haven't had a reason to open up my Christmas card spreadsheet.
**for those of you that don't usually send Christmas cards, I ain't mad atcha; but for those of you that do, you better get on the ball!


Mama Nae said...

I'm still waiting to get mine so I can send them out - but as soon as they arrive I will rush right over and give you your's.

Buck up little camper!

Emily said...

Eeeeasy, trigger, Christmas is still more than 2 weeks away. Your cards will come...oh, yes...they'll come.