Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Minotaurs and Llamas

I think Allyson is pretty smart. For example a car commercial came on the other day with a unicorn, fairy, and minotaur in it. Allyson pointed and said "Minotaur." I told her that 1/2 of daddy's students didn't know that and she told Scott that he needed to tell his students about minotaurs.
Here are a few more Allysonisms:
Yesterday I came in the living room and Nola was crying. Allyson said, "Sorry, I ABSOLUTELY hit her in the head." I laughed
You "Take for a ride" in the car or on daddy's back
You have to be careful of the llamas (lava) when playing Zelda with daddy
Medicine, kisses and food "Feels me better"
Not to be outdone, Nola said "Pip, please." So I got out a chip. I asked her what it was called then I asked her her uncle's name. Her answers were "Pip" and "Pip" (Kip). I asked her what the difference was and she just stared at me, so I gave her the chip.


lucylucia said...

Oh that's funny!! How could you not laugh, even if she shouldn't have hit Molly on the head?!

Emily said...

Now, if only you can train her to say "Sean" when she sees fairies in commercials.