Thursday, December 4, 2008

7 things about me because I've been "tagged"

1. I love "The Nutcracker." (The ballet, get your head out of the gutter Emily). Ovation TV has a "Nutcracker Grudge Match" going on right now and I'm recording all 7 versions of it so I can watch it whenever I want.
2. I hate staying up late and waking up late. If I'm awake past 1:00am, or still asleep past 9:00am I kinda freak out.
3. Large pieces of broken glass give me the willies.
4. At least once a week I think about what would happen if a burgler/killer broke in while Scott was gone and we were all sleeping. I'm constantly trying to figure out how to jump out of a bedroom window with both girls in my arms without breaking any bones.
5. I will do everything in my power to figure out what I'm getting for Christmas before Christmas morning. I've unwrapped at least one of my presents every year since I was about 10.
6. I have no desire to travel. In fact, going to a foreign country where they don't speak English freaks me out; I assume I will be thrown into prison never to be released (thank you "Brokedown Palace").
7. I feel retarded everytime I have to say "I love you" to someone other than Scott or the girls. I do love a lot of people (many of you reading this), but its a rare occasion that I am willing to say it to them (even my mom). Don't judge me!

Since almost everyone I know that will read this has already been "tagged," the only ones I have left to tag are Emily and Liz. I think this means that you have to post seven things about yourself and "tag" seven other people to do the same (if you want to, I'm really not going to hold you to it)


Mama Nae said...

I love you. heee hee hee

lucylucia said...

I love you too! ho ho ho