Thursday, July 29, 2010

Black & White and Cute All Over

So, my sister likes things that are black and white, therefore she likes  On that website she saw this apron and liked it a lot.   When she asked me to duplicate it I said I TOTALLY CAN!

Then I did...

...and here it is!
My stripes are verticle, not horizontal, but, I used what I had... which, by the way, was a curtain panel and a valance.  I also bought some cheapo wash clothes and made a hot pad and a kitchen towel that can be tied to the apron with a cute ribbon.
I had time and fabric so I made a matching apron for Nola... with pink trim!  It's so cute!  Here it is.

And here they all are together.

(now I just need to clean my sewing room...)


lucylucia said...

WHAT IS THIS?! You could totally sell that on etsy!! Hey how do you feel about helping me make some curtains and valances for my condo?? I would totally provide the material!!!! The place I went to to look at fabric quoted me $1200.00 to make them for me. I just started laughing and thanked her and left. I mean really. Anyways, the result is a bunch of bare windows. :(

Emily said...

Agreed. You could definitely sell those on etsy. Very cute!

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