Friday, August 13, 2010

Instead of Cleaning...

... I made clothes!  Not only did I make a dress and a skirt, I did it without a pattern and they actually turned out cute!  See for yourselves:

Totally cute school-girly clothes!

The skirt is for Allyson

... and the dress is for Molly.

They are made out of some sort of (synthetic, I think) wool.  I don't really know because the fabric was hand-me-down, but I think it is synthetic because I'm pretty sure it melted a little when I ironed it.  Either way, it's pretty scratchy, so turtle necks and leggings will have to be worn.
I see really cute photo sessions in our future!

...maybe I'll clean the house tomorrow.


Mama Nae said...

You should work on your shorts-making skillz... then make my kids a matching shorts/skirt combo.... and for repayment - I will do a photo shoot of your kids in their matchy matchy clothes!

hellocayce said...

Does Logan want some purple plaid shorts...or pants. I could probably do that... I've got tons of that material left.