Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Four-Year-Old Leftovers

I think it was about four years ago that I started cutting out 2 1/4" squares out of all the leftover fabrics I had.
Here are a few of them
  My plan was to make a quilt for me for my bed and it would be filled with memories of past projects and clothes, etc. 
So, there were distractions of other projects, kids, whatever.
Fast forward a few years and you have me trying to get rid of some clutter.   I decided to just make a blanket out of what I had and not worry about it fitting my bed (I will probably never make a quilt for my own bedroom). 

But this quilt is finished! ...and it only took four years (so it's not quite finished but it will be by tomorrow) meh.

It's a little smaller than I had originally wanted but I really like it. Who know's what I'll actually do with it, but there it is.
some detils:

 Now I just need to finish the three other quilts I'm in the process of making!

Oh, and I finished this one the other day too.

It's made from the crib bumper that I used for both the girls.  I just cut it into squares and sewed them back together and made a little rag quilt for Molly (it's smaller than a crib quilt, but CUTE)


lucylucia said...

Ahhh-mazing. Seriously. Cayce they are beautiful. And also I think I recognized some of the squares for your maternity shirts!

Emily said...

Ooh, I really like Molly's quilt.

Debbie Reid said...

i love molly's quilt! I still want you to make some baby hats for me or baby headbands with big flowers on them!