Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I cannot wait to put the girls in the same room.  If I could fit a crib and a bed in Molly's room I would do it. I can't.  I've really thought about it, but there are three doors, two windows, and what I think is a chimney inside the wall that juts out of the corner.  No room for anything along the walls. 
When Molly is capable of sleeping in a big bed we have one ready in the attic.  It matches Allyson's and they form bunk beds.  They will go in Molly's room where the crib is.
Allyson's room is PINK. Below is ths best picture I could find of it (mainly because of Nola's snazzy hairdo).
It's going to be the girls' play room.  I'm kinda sick of the Super Pink-ness of it, but I don't want to get rid of it all.  I was thinking maybe cream stripes but then I was thinking maybe some big pattern all over or random circles or squares... suggestions welcome. 

The green bookshelf and a matching desk will probably be in the room too along with the kitchen furniture.
I think I have at lest 6 months before I get to do all this, but I'm totally looking forward to it!


Mama Nae said...

Nola's hair is very nice....

I think you should do larger than life sized portraits of your family on the walls... caricature style.


lucylucia said...

I shared a room until I finished school, and somehow, I think it was better for me! Anyways, thumbs up on sharing rooms!!

Oh! Also, if you want to tamp down on the pinkness, slap up some bead board. I love that look!

Emily said...

Would cream stripes make it look like a faded candy cane?
I like the idea of circles or some beadboard. Or just run with it and paint a princess scene using Scott's face for all the princess faces.