Monday, March 8, 2010

Things I need to do now that Molly has Diabetes

I have a lot to do. This is more for my benefit than anyone elses...
  • organize the billions of papers and pamphlets from the hospital
  • balance my check book
  • make a to go kit
  • figure out a good way to log Molly's blood glucose levels
  • Organize our new Diabetes cabinet
  • find good snacks and put them in 15 carb baggies
  • buy a popsicle maker (to use with Crystal light because that would be a good free snack)
  • read the billions of papers from the hospital
  • figure out prescriptions and insurance stuff
  • find out what Molly likes to do besides eat snacks
  • Don't forget about Allyson


Aili said...

Our prayers are with you and Molly! You can only do it one day at at time.

lucylucia said...

And you will get it all done, too.:)

Hannah said...

Thinking of you guys!

Emily said...

I sense more than a few color-coded excel sheets in your future. Hope everything is going as well as possible.