Wednesday, February 24, 2010

From Blanket to Box

So, for Christmas Scott and I both got magazine subscriptions, meaning we'd have a lot of magazines lying around the house. If I didn't find a good spot for them I knew I'd just end up throwing them away and I don't really like that idea. So I went searching for a magazine rack or basket or something and found nothing (at Target because that's the only place I go).
I also have the problem of having too many blankets lying around the house. This one has two matching throw pillows (that I use in the living room) and I really like it, but the batting got all bunchy and clumpy in the washer/dryer, so it was kinda ruined....Two problems = one solution: FABRIC BOX!
I didn't measure my pieces very well, so it's not perfect; maybe a little more floppy than it should be, but I like it. ...and perfect for Magazines!
I totally want to make more. Now, what else can I find around my house to put into a fabric box???

1 comment:

lucylucia said...

I love that box. I want one too for my birthday so that way I won't have to pay you for it.