Monday, March 29, 2010


So, as a follow up to my last blog, here's an update:
Papers: organized and mostly read. Checkbook: balanced (a few times). "To Go" kit: made (in a cute little bag). BG Levels: Logged (in a cute little notebook). "Diabetes Cabinet" : Filled with EVERYTHING Molly needs, not organized. Got popsicle makers today. Molly still only likes to eat and Allyson still wants constant attention... Oh well.

Thank goodness for the upcoming good weather. Everything is better when you can go outside in the yard or on a walk or to the park.

We are going to be celebrating Passover tomorrow and Easter on Sunday. I'm a little worried about the timing and the carb counting for Molly. But I'm totally excited for the Matzo Ball soup. I love it!

Well, Allyson is bugging me to get off the computer so I will.

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lucylucia said...

I love matzo ball soup! Glad things have settled down a bit for you!! And that her sugars have gotten in the good range!!