Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Always Be Prepared

The last time I went to the doctor (for Molly) we ended up staying in the hospital for seven days.  From this experience I learned that I should always be prepared.  I was not prepared today when I went to the doctor for my own fever.  I thought I was, but I was sadly mistaken.
I went to the doctor today because I had a headache and fever for a few days.  I put some pajamas in my purse in case I was sent to the ER and subsequently to the hospital... you never know.  That was me being prepared.
My doctor sent me the the ER for a CT Scan (and possible spinal tap). Side note:  He expected me to walk to the ER which was on the other side of the hospital campus.  That's a long Freaking walk.  I came in with a fever.  It's hot outside.  My doctor is kindof an a-hole.
So anyway, I drove to the ER with my jammies in my purse.
What I didn't have, but should've had:
1. MY BOOK!!!!! (that would have solved all my problems)
2. My iPod (I could have at least played solitaire on it)
3. A pen
4. A laptop ???
5. Snacks

What I actually did in the ER:
(They took my blood and gave me an IV and medicine and I almost immediatley started feeling better)
I was STARVING because all I had eaten was one cup of coffee, so that was a bummer.
1. I read the info then gave me about my privacy rights
2. I organized the trash in my purse
3. I got a CT scan
4. I did my makeup and hair.
5. I put a 30 min timer on my cell phone
6. I edited my contacts in my cell phone
7. I got a chest Xray
8. I touched up my makeup

(I didn't even get to wear my PJs)

My advice to you, every time you go to the doctor, bring a book or some kind of entertainment device... and maybe your jammies if you're kinda worried about spending the night at the hospital (which you should be worried about because it happens when you least expect it!)


Emily said...

I try to bring a book with me in my purse (or at least my car) anywhere I go, but I usually end up getting caught up in aforementioned book, carrying it inside when I get home to finish it, and then forgetting to take it back to the car with me. Times like these give me mad iPhone envy.
Also, summer fevers are the worst.

lucylucia said...

Yuck Cayce. I echo Emily and nothing is worse than a fever in hot weather. I'm glad you didn't have any horrible diseases though.