Monday, July 13, 2009

Whole lotta nothin'

Well, it's been ages since I wrote on here and frankly I think it's because Molly chewed on the cord that connects my camera to the computer so it's a lot harder to transfer my pictures. Scott just went to Lowes today and got all then fence pieces for our fence that we will be putting in this weekend! So excited! Except that they no longer sell the gates that go with the fence we got, so either we will have straight gates with our scallped fence or we will have scalloped gates that don't exactly match our fence...either way, who cares, New fence!
(anybody who wants to help feel free to come over and do so)

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lucylucia said...

New fence!! Is it going all the way to the street on the Maddox side? Oh how fun - then you can just push Allyson outside and forget about her! Ha!