Friday, February 27, 2009


So, I was going to post a picture of Allyson playing with her toys and call that imagination, but I figured I try to do something different. I started walking around my house with my camera in hand and decided to take some up close pictures of stuff and make "you" use your imagination to guess what they were...lame, I know. Then I came upon this painting in my bedroom that my sister did in college. She made a collage of things cut from a magazine and then painted her collage. She used her IMAGINATION to make things into something they weren't originally supposed to represent. So I took my lame pictures of the stuff in my house and made my own landscape: The night sky is my pin cushion; the water is a blanket, the earth is teddy bear fur and the bamboo trees are on my shower curtain. (It's the best I could do during naptime!)

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lucylucia said...

Cayce that's awesome!!