Thursday, August 21, 2008

August Sucks

So there is way too much stuff going on this August and i don't want to deal with any of it. So far, we've had our 4 year anniversary, Scott's birthday, Kirk's birthday, and Logan's birth. Next we have Allyson's birthday party and then her birthday (I'm leaving out some birthdays and other events because I'm too tired to remember them all). I'm too pregnant to have to think about that many things within one month.
Plus my job doesn't help. I work with a bunch of retards. Mainly it's just one (not to be named since this is the internet) who is a pain in my ass (I'm not talking about Emily, seriously) and doesn't know how to do her job so i have to do it for her. I litterally have to be on my feet all day running back and forth because of her; not good for a 8.5 month preggo! So because my job makes me so exhausted I want to come home and do nothing. But I can't do nothing in August! There's too much going on!
Sorry to all those people who had birthdays and babies and whatnot that I've neglected. I think maybe next year I'll plan ahead and buy birthday presents in June and plan parties in July.

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Emily said...

Damn it, it's me!!
Maybe next year you just won't be all knocked up and whatnot during August. Unless that's going to be your August tradition now... but that'd be a weird goal.