Thursday, July 10, 2008

Poo Poo!!!

We bought a doll house for Allyson but told her she couldn't play with it till she went poo poo in the potty (we aretrying to potty train). So I got home today from work and I see the doll house on the floor of the living room... she poopooed! I told Scott he should have taken a picture of it so I could see it (I know that's gross and if he actually had I would have thought he was gross). She's taking a nap so I can't get all crazy excited about it, but it's pretty awesome if you know Allyson. We've been trying to potty train without a real plan for a little while and she's really off and on about it. She does really good for Scott but when he's not around she'll pee on whatever she's sitting or standing on (floor, couch, me); she doesn't care. I made a potty chart yesterday with stickers and toys as insentives... hopefully that will work for me. We shall see!


lucylucia said...

We have to make a big production for Mara, when she goes on the potty too. Nothing like a "poo poo parade" to lighten the mood. Congrats Allyson!!

Brad & Liz said...

I hear that once you have kids you get really excited about stuff like poop.

God, I can't wait for parenthood.

Yea Allyson!!

Mama Nae said...

You'll never know how exciting poop in the potty is until you've had to see it in a diaper for over 2 years, every day!

Go PoopHead!

Emily said...

Congrats on the successful pooing. Now when are you going to make MY potty chart?