Monday, August 29, 2011


I made a super cute purse for myself

I made a felt owl mobile for a friend

Allyson turned 6

... and I started decorating for Fall


Mama Nae said...

The Owls - so cutielicious!
The Kids - adorable!
The Decor - Fall-tastic!
But Dorothy, I'm not sure what to say about your purse... - It's Zbornak-tastic?

Anonymous said...

I'm fighting off this whole "fall" thing that people seem so excited about, but everything else is very cute! The owls are adorable, and I think the purse is quite cute as well. (I had to google Zbornak. I'm ashamed of myself.)

lucylucia said...

so, I deleted your blog from my list and then added it again...and now I can see you! That mobile is crazy cute!