Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Book Recomendations for Janae

Following are some books I have that I think you (Janae) might want to read. Feel free to research them on your own and pick one to borrow.

1. Brick Lane by Monica Ali: Kinda Oprah book clubish. About an Indian family living in America (or london)... its been a while since I read it
2. The great and Secret Show by clive barker: I haven't read it but I know you like some clive barker
3. The Florabama Ladies Auxiliary & Sewing Circle by Lois Battle: About women in the south.. kinda oprahish again...It's been a while but I remember liking it.
4. The Alienist by Caleb Carr: Murder mystery set at the turn of the century. Kinda long, I really liked it.
5. Johnathan Strange and Mr Norrell by susanna Clark: Like Harry Potter for Adults. Longish but good

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Mama Nae said...

Borrow me your Strange and Norrell... I've wanted to read that. I will return it in 2010 when I'm done reading it!