Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well, it turns out having a baby was a bigger deal than Survivor. Don't get me wrong, Survivor was pretty good and I will continue watching and loving it, but Molly is way cooler. I'm still in the hospital, so it's been super easy with all the nurse help. I'll probably go home tomorrow, then the real fun begins. By the way, if any of you plan on having a baby, don't keep the baby in your room overnight, not just for your sleeping benefit, but for your neighbors as well. The person next to me kept her baby and it kept waking me up with all the crying. I think that's kinda rude. Well, that's it for now; my breakfast is here.


lucylucia said...

HA!I actually was going to call you that evening, and then I was like "wait! Survivor is on!" and so didn't call. What did you think of the premier? Did yo get to watch it? I thought it was a bit boring, although I want to marry that medical school dude with the glasses. So hot.

lucylucia said...

How are you guys doing that "follower" thing??

Emily said...

Glad to hear that Molly is cool. I hope everything is going well for the four of you, and that Allyson and Molly haven't formed an unholy alliance to destroy you yet.